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Kinkgenetics U-Part wigs are 100% virgin human hair and is for 4A-4B naturalistas. 4A-4B is tightly coiled hair that has an "S" or "Z" pattern.  The circumference of the spirals is close to that of a crochet needle. This hair type often experiences shrinkage up to 75% of its actual hair length. KinkGenetics comes in its natural color - #1b which is blackish/brown. The wig density is 200%. The Upart area measures 2"x 4". There is a detachable elastic band that will provide support for head measurements from 21"-23" in circumference.

All hair is measured straight. This means you lose about 4 inches. For example, 16 inches is 16 inches when straight, but 12 inches with the curl pattern.

Maintenance and Recommended Products: KinkGenetics does require more maintenance because of the tight curl pattern. To preserve the hair and ensure longevity, finger combing is suggested. If you choose to comb the extensions, use a wide tooth comb (preferably a detangling brush) and start from the ends then work your way up. Co-wash the hair weekly/biweekly. Apply HydraLuxe Extreme Moisturizing Conditioner generously to wet hair from root to tip then rinse thoroughly.  After co-washing, spray a generous amount of Mega Moisture Leave-In Condish throughout your fresh, clean hair. Seal in moisture with HydraLuxe Growth & Anti-Itch Serum. Apply directly to the scalp and/or extensions. Define curls and add moisture with HydraLuxe Moisturizing Enhancer Gel. Style as desired.

A wig head is highly recommended for the detangling process.

If/when there is product build up, use HydraLuxe Gentle Refining Shampoo to cleanse extensions and scalp. Apply a quarter size amount of HydraLuxe Gentle Refining Shampoo to your extensions. Cover evenly throughout your hair and scalp. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL Exchanges will only be accepted within 7 days of receiving purchase.  The product MUST be in the original condition and package.  The bands around the hair MUST be intact and uncut.  If the product is deemed unacceptable upon return, it will be shipped back to customer.  Please reach out to customer service at for exchange instructions. Exchanges take 10-14 days to process.
***There is a 3% restock fee for all exchanges***

Hair Dye - The hair can be dyed. This hair has gone through a steam process to achieve the texture. Be aware that the lighter you dye the hair the looser the curls may become. 

Straightening Hair - The hair can be straightened. Be aware that this hair has gone through a steam process to achieve the texture. Straightening the hair could alter the texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

3A/B curls are a loopy "S" pattern that are well defined and springy. These curls have a circumference the width of a piece of sidewalk chalk. Kurlnexis is recommended for this texture. 3B/C curls resemble tight corkscrews and are approximately the circumference of a straw or pencil. The curls are finer in texture, though packed tightly together. Koilistics will match this texture. 3C/4A curls are tightly coiled and densely packed together. These curls have a medium coarseness, giving it more volume. Kurlgenics is recommended for 3B/C textures. 4A/B curls are tightly coiled and have an "S" or "Z" pattern. The circumference of the spirals is close to that of a crochet needle. This hair type often experiences shrinkage up to 75% of its actual hair length. KinkGenetics mimics this texture. 4B/C curls are tightly coiled,very thick and coarse. The curl pattern is tight with numerous bends in each strand with little to no space between the curls. It feels like cotton and is usually very densely packed together. This texture also experiences a significant amount of shrinkage. Kinknetics is designed for this texture.
In order to do a full head you will need 2 bundles. If you desire a fuller look, 3 bundles should be purchased. Lengths longer than 16 inches may require 3 bundles of hair as the longer the hair the shorter the wefts.
Yes, all those styles can be achieved.
You will experience minimal shedding, just like with your own hair. Sealing the wefts before installation will help to reduce shedding. We highly recommend that you use a generous amount of Kinky Curly Knot today as a detangler (or a product comparable) and finger comb the extensions. If you choose to comb the hair, use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up.


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