“No curl left behind”…at Kinkistry we whole heartedly embrace all textures of natural hair. Kinkistry is not afraid to include tightly coiled extensions in our collection. Although the beauty industry has made significant strides with including women of color in their advertising and marketing campaigns, there are still barriers to remove. Representation is key as Black people spend 9 times more on beauty products than our non-Black counterparts. Our dollars definitely matter. Nonetheless we continue to see texture-ism when it comes to women of color in advertising. It is still more prevalent to see loose curls or wavy hair in advertising than tightly coiled textures. Natural hair is infinite, limitless and not to be relegated to what society deems as acceptable. Our hair is not just our crown and glory, it represents our heritage, our ancestry and our culture. At Kinkistry, we are committed to changing the narrative and propagating a positive image of natural hair inclusive of all textures on the spectrum. Kinkistry’s new mantra, “No curl left behind”, means we are reclaiming our power and redefining how we are represented in the beauty industry and Corporate America.  We are doing natural hair on our own terms!


Angela Fite'


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